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This site is in the process of being redesigned and updated; but if you're into photography (who isn't), definitely check out Photographer's SupplyStation for the very best deals on the very best equipment

Mission Statement:
Photographic equipment - especially studio lighting equipment - has been far too expensive for far too long, and this has kept far too many of us from being able to make the great images and videos achievable only with studio lighting equipment. So we set out determined to see if we could find good qualiy, dependable, inexpensive equipment with a warrantee of a year or more. It took us a while, it wasn't the easiest thing to do, and we rejected many; but in the end we found what we were looking for and have presented it for your consideration. Everything on the Photographer's SupplyStation site is of excellent quality, is dependable and well-made, and will perform the job it was made for just as well as any other similar equipment on the market - at any price. The image doesn't care one whit how much the light illuminating it cost. But you should. And now you can. Also, as you can see, we also have some really attractive images in our Galleries.

Visit the Photographer's SupplyStation web site. WAIT! First check out the AMAZING deals just below,
Photographer's SupplyStation


Special "Pre-Grand Opening" Sale at Photographer's SupplyStation!
Photography for the rest of us

Strobe/Flash Lighting Kits and Digital/Video Lighting Kits on sale today
1 Light Kit
2 Light Kit
3 Light Kit
4 Light Kit
All New Strobes on Sale!
Starter Kit
Two Light Kit
Three Light Kit
New! Four Light Kit
Sale $89!
Sale $189!
Sale $289!
Sale $399!
Continuous Lighting Kits work well for all types of photography, and perform perfectly with all camera types: digital cameras, video cameras, camcorders, film cameras, and movie cameras. Strobes are flash units, and are great for still photography, but won't work for video.
BONUS! Add to any kit purchased: Add a 9' x 12' Muslin Background: Black, White, Blue, or Green (your choice) for only $39! Or add a 9' Background Support Set for only $89.95. Or add BOTH (support set and muslin) for $119. Lots of additional lights and kits can be found on the Photographer's SupplyStation web site.
Photographer's SupplyStation? Where's that? That's where nobody pays retail. Ever!

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